Anetech offers a wide variety of services for the ATE industry focusing on design, engineering, and fabrication of custom printed circuit boards. We have the capacity and the commitment to invest the proper amount of engineering time that each particular project requires. This is a prime factor in the proven success of your custom project. 

Anetech will provide you with superior Design\Engineering services in the following areas: 


  • Custom interface boards with standard, blind, or buried vias. These projects will connect directly to testers, probe towers, cables, or various other means of interconnect.


  • Custom and generic probe cards, single-site, multiple-site, cantilever, and vertical probe technology.


  • Custom planarization motherboards to verify your probe cards; this includes all standard generations and some custom configurable analyzers.  


  • Custom LAB boards for the bench testing of your devices; these can be designed to interconnect in any method that you require.  


  • Custom DUT boards to fully test your packaged device to include all of your requirements and parameters.